Sioux Falls Landscape Lighting Services

Our Services

We not only promise to deliver beautiful lighting, but that you will never have to worry about clean-up. We leave every site immaculate.

Our Systems

Our light installed systems come with a 1-year service and maintenance plan on everything, including lamps.  This maintenance plan is renewable on a yearly basis for a small fee.  Equipment warranties range from 5 years up to a lifetime.

Other Systems
We would be happy to repair or add on to an existing system, provided the equipment and wiring is usable and of contractor quality.  If not, you would be instructed what needs to be replaced to bring the system to optimal performance.

We have all heard the phrase – “A little preventative maintenance goes a long way!”

Just like other outdoor landscaping amenities such as ponds, waterfalls, pools, hot tubs, fire pits and outdoor kitchens, lighting systems need proper and timely attention to keep them operating efficiently and looking good in their sometimes harsh environments.

Maintenance is not always about the obvious things such as the crooked path or area lights, broken spotlights or the occasional burned out bulbs. Light fixtures occasionally get bumped, nudged or leaned on causing them to stray from their original positions. This coupled with dirt covered lenses, bug nests, cut wires and lights not coming on or going off at the selected times can make for an unhappy and most likely frustrated customer.

Our lighting systems use lamps of a specific type, wattage and beam spread to achieve the desired results in each of our designs.

A few burned out lamps or some of the wrong type or wattage can cause portions of the system to cease working which in return taxes the remaining parts greatly. It is advised that all lamps be changed out periodically to keep their efficiency and light output consistent.

Lighting system maintenance does not have to be a complex or expensive issue!  As mentioned earlier, most other outdoor areas require maintenance daily, weekly or monthly.  A lighting system can be kept running at peak performance with scheduled visits every 4 to 6 months. keep your landscape design looking great all
year long!

Our promise: to provide beautiful landscape lighting solutions to the Sioux Falls area.
Our promise: to provide beautiful landscape lighting solutions to the Sioux Falls area.